It all comes down to the craft

Markhor started off with the idea that best products are made with passion and investing many hours of tough labor and attention. The team works directly with some of the most skilled craftsmen in the world to make modern design and beautiful products.

The company originated when founders Sidra Qasim and Waqas Ali met with a group of craftsmen in the local village council of their hometown of Okara. Everything in that workshop was literally being handcrafted. The duo learned that some of the most well known luxury brands work with craftsmen in developing countries like Pakistan, India and Vietnam but rarely talk about them. To change this they started working on the idea of Markhor.

The brand is named after endangered breed of wild goat Markhor (Capra falconeri), that is natively found in northern and central mountainous regions of Pakistan and Central Asia.

“We are craftsmen, designers and dreamers who are working together to redefine how handcrafted shoes and accessories are made and delivered.”

Each Markhor product reflects our philosophy that modern design is best brought to life through traditional craftsmanship. Our craftsmen are themselves the product of an 1800 year old process of close learning and innovation.

Markhor was built on the notion that good products are the result of a good and happy community. We invest in the potential of our craftsmen. Markhor shoes fully integrate the values essential to our brand. The leather used for creating Markhor products comes from animals that have been bred only for meat production.

We strongly believe in evolving interactions with customers (friends as we call them) into genuine relationships. The team and the founders regularly interact with Markhor friends through various mediums to stay in touch. Markhor friends not only inspire us to deliver our best, they help us define who we are.