"The shoes arrived today. Such craftsmanship. Well done, team. "

Seth Godin

Author, Entrepreneur, Marketer


"Got my shoes, fit perfectly. How you guys do this?!"

Michael Seibel

Partner at Y Combinator


"Fan for life! Markhor CEO hand delivered my shoes at home. Beautiful design & craftsmanship. Proud backer #6."

Bilal Zuberi

Partner at Lux Capital


"Believe me, I’ve never worn a more brilliantly designed Chappal."

Mir Anwar

Director of Operations at Walker & Company


"they're here! sandals for my dad crafted in pakistan & hand-delivered to my doorstep by Markhor team."

Nadia Hussain

Director of Community at Polyvore

"Received the shoes today and they are seriously impressive. Thank you very much, and it certainly won't be the last pair I'll order!" "



"I'm kind of in love with my new Markhor shoes! Proud to be an early Kickstarter backer."

Bavidra Mohan

Head of Leadership & Strategic Partnerships at Acumen


"My new Markhor shoes recently arrived! Very excited to wear these."

Karim Kanji

Director, Social Media Strategy at iNvolved Media


"BUTTER: That's what hand-made shoes feel like when worn. There's nothing better."


Former U.S. Ballroom Champ


"Just received my hand-made Markhor black derbies. So excited! Well done!"

Eric Oyler

Associate Director, eCRM


"So loving my new Markhor shoes! "

Sasha Dichter

Chief Innovation Officer at Acumen


"I must admit I like shoes, have over 30 pairs and often spend ungodly sums on them, but my new pair of Markhor are ny far my favorite."

Alan Cabello

Human-centered innovation educator at eth

"Just got my Derbies yesterday and boy do I love them! They fit perfect and they look beautiful. Even better is that they are exactly what I wanted. I truly will adore them till I can no longer wear them. Now off to get them tapped. Thanks for everything."

Jase Lawson

"BUTTER: Thanks guys! You delivered on your promise, comfiest shoes ever, they feel extra special knowing the story behind them. Thank you again"

Thomas Scott


"Loving the product and have bought shoes now for husband and my dad (just not organised enough to do together sorry!)"

Alex Harrington