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How to Preserve the Quality of Your Favourite Leather Footwear


Markhor footwear is handcrafted by some of the best artisans in the subcontinent using materials of the highest quality.

The right maintenance can take your leather shoes a long way. That’s why, we want to ensure your Markhor pairs stay in top notch condition through the correct use of this shoe care guide.


Ideal way to store your leather pair:

Everyone wants to make sure that their shoes always look as good as new every time they wear them. What’s the best way to do that? Easy!

All you have to do is keep your leather pair inside the shoe box when not in use. Markhor’s mens footwear comes with complimentary dust bags, which are perfect to store your shoes in! This way, your pair will be away from direct sunlight and heat, maintaining its longevity. 

But make sure your shoes are well-ventilated before storing them!


Maintaining the shape of your shoes:

A pair of leather shoes takes about a week or two to break into. The leather will learn the contours of your feet, mould itself accordingly and loosen up overtime. With this, the shape of the footwear will also change, especially in the vamp area and topline. 

To maintain the shape of your Markhor shoes, stuff them with un-coloured tissue paper or insert a shoe tree in them when not in use.


Maintaining the soles:

Leather sole: 

A leather footwear with a handmade leather sole is a complete game changer! 

The leather soles used in most dress shoes are smooth and delicate, therefore, need to be handled with some TLC. Keep them off wet surfaces but in case some day, you accidentally get caught in the rain (already halfway to work and can’t really turn back to change your shoes), all you have to do is wipe off the excess water with a clean cloth and let the shoes dry on their own away from sunlight. 

The sole’s colour may darken due to the contact with water but don’t worry! Once all-dry, the sole will lighten to its original colour. Before storing them, wipe the soles (and the shoes) with a clean linen cloth to rid it of dust particles. 

EVA sole: 

The care and maintenance of shoes with EVA soles is as effortless as the shoes themselves! All you have to do is use a soft, clean linen cloth to remove dust from the surface of the sole and they’ll be as good as new. You can dampen the cloth to remove dirt off the sole as well.  

We at Markhor handcraft our EVA soles in-house, that we use under our chappals and sandals.


Care tips for different types of leather:

Crust leather:

Vegetable tanned crust leather has no pigment coverage on the surface of the leather, allowing its grain to be visible in true form.  

At Markhor, we carefully handpick the crust leather from some of the top leather tanneries in Lahore.

It’s natural for a leather footwear crease and loosen up with use. To maintain its softness and depth, you can apply neutral cream or conditioner to it. However, conduct a spot test first to ensure the leather retains its colour.

Burnishable leather:

Burnishable leather is the type of leather which, when rubbed or buffed, becomes a shade darker. The oils of the leather surface, adding more depth and shine to the material. Burnishable leather is considered more valuable and expensive amongst other leather types.

Markhor’s oxfords and chappals are made using this leather and require some extra care while handling and wearing. 

If the leather gets wet, you can wipe away the excess moisture with a clean cloth and let the shoes dry on their own away from sunlight. Once completely dry (may take about a day or two to dry, depending on how wet they got) apply neutral cream or conditioner on the footwear to enhance its softness and depth. 

Aniline leather:

Aniline leather is soft and finished using soluble dyes and contains no pigmented surface coating.

As with all types of leather, aniline leather naturally wrinkles with age as well. A neutral leather conditioner can be used to maintain the softness of the leather however ensure this is spot tested and the shoes are thoroughly dry before use.

Aniline leather tends to absorb stains and dirt, which you can gently remove by using a clean, dry, soft cloth.


Suede is preferred for its velvety feel and high absorbency of rich colours. It is natural for colour variations to appear due to the rub of the leather. 

You can remove surface dirt and unify the pile of the fabrication by using a soft suede brush. To maintain richness of colour, ensure the shoes are stored in their dust bags away from any direct light or heat.

A waterproofing spray may help protect the suede from light water contact. Always spot test products first to ensure colour fastness.


Care tips for other footwear materials:

Woven fabrics: 

Woven fabrics like mesh are durable and strong upper material and require just as much care as leather products. Everyone owns at least one pair of shoes that has mesh in them (hint if you think you don’t: check the lining of your sports shoes). 

Such fabrics are highly absorbent and easily get stained. It’s important to keep your shoes safe from rain, oil and other liquids. But everyone wants to run in the rain once in a while, and in that case, simply leave your pair out to dry on its own away from direct sunlight. 

It’s natural for the woven fabric to fade over time, therefore, avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight or strong light. No more long hours playing basketball or football outside! Unless you’re okay with a faded pair of shoes, then by all means, play to your heart’s content! 

When not in use, remove dust and dirt off the shoes with a clean linen cloth and store them in their dust bags away from any direct light or heat. 


Vinyl is quite a magical material that makes it look like you’re not wearing anything on your feet when you actually are! We’ve used vinyl in many shoes in our women’s category, including the Nera Sandals and Jade Mules. 

Even though its durability is high, the material’s breathability is low and the surface may steam up when you’re wearing a pair of vinyl shoes. For this, you need to simply air out your shoes before cleaning the surface with a soft linen cloth and you’re good to go!

Do not spray the vinyl with any leather care products as this may cause the surface of the material to get damaged and affect its clarity. Vinyl is a sensitive material that gets marked easily, therefore, avoid contact with sharp or abrasive objects and surfaces. 

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