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Funkaari Series: Hashim Ali

In our second series of  FUNKAARI, we caught up with Lahore based artist  Hashim Ali, who works as an art director, providing production design, styling services to the various visual media industries in Pakistan. We talked to Hashim about his happiest day of life, how he was coping with the pandemic, what he is reading, and his relationship with footwear.

How did you get started in art direction and styling services? When did you first get serious? 

I got started in the styling services nearly in 2010 where I was asked to help style a fashion show for Zara Shahjahan. It was not really a styling gig but we designed and made clutches with the quintessential Zara Shahjan vintage flowers. I was still in NCA and this was an overwhelming and exciting experience for me. Then post NCA I was offered to work on a movie by Asad Ul Haq as an Assistant junior stylist under HSY. This experience changed my life. I not only met all the people who supported and nurtured me throughout but also give me the necessary push to pursue my heart. Three people who encouraged me to leave my 9 to never job were Alee Hasan, Saima Bragfrede and Ali Noor.

How have the events of the past year affected your creativity? How are you coping with the pandemic?

The past years have been a blessing in disguise. I was unable to take any break prior to Covid and I was just working and running in this rat race. Covid enforced me to stand and see what I wanted to give my energies to and how I should pace myself. If nothing else it increased my creativity as I had more time for myself and more time to think of new ideas. The thought of slowing down for a workaholic like me is super scary but I have been challenging myself and it has been amaizng.


What is the most crucial element in art direction today?

Nostalgia and/or storytelling

What was your happiest moment of life?

There have been many many many. Seeing my parents being proud of me. Visiting Madina and feeling the love of the Prophet (pbuh). seeing my friends succeed. A young doctor I helped who is now in her clinical year of university. So many.

Something personal you want to share?

I don’t know if it’s personal but getting to the place where I am right now has not been easy, as a new art director I was constantly made to feel my services were not required or art direction is not a field. I lost loved ones and I wasn’t there because I was too busy. I lost friends. I fought with my mental health silently for years. I had immense failures at work. But I am only very thankful to Allah for all of this. Some mistakes made me realise what I was doing wrong and what I was being ungrateful for and other experiences helped me grow, but Allah has just been very generous to me.



Which are your favorite Pakistanis artists?

Allah bux, Mahoor Jamal, AR Chughtai, Amrita Sher Gil

What inspires you?

Stories. Life. People

What is your relationship with footwear?

I am obsessed with traditional footwear. The art of it, the handiwork that goes into making them. Unfortunately I can’t wear most as I am flat footed and my heels hurt a lot. But I do wear them for smaller functions, otherwise I would have never taken khussas off.

What do you know about Markhor? You have a Markhor chappal, How do you feel about having them?

I have a few Markhor chappal, one I got myself and one was gifted to me. And they are my most prized shoes because they are a perfect blend of traditional footwear and modern design without feeling contrived. Like I said being a flat foot it is hard for me to wear shoes with a hard sole but markhor shoes are super duper comfortable! I actually had been following markhor since the first tan shoe with the green detail. I was obsessed and wanted to buy it then! I was obsessed by the name, the ethos of the brand and the design.

What is the most interesting project you've worked on and why?

There are so so so many. One was definitely my work for Aman kay rang , a brand started by my late best friend’s mother to honour her memory. Curated and working with zeb Bangash on Letters to Kabul it was truly a collaboration of arts to create art. My work with Meesha Shafi on Hot mango chutney sauce because it allowed us all to be unapologetically Punjabi and the creative Liberty was immense. Directing dub dub jave for Farheen Raza Jaffery.

What’s more important, having good ideas or having the confidence to put forward your ideas whether they’re good or bad?

I think the latter for sure because no idea can be good or bad unless it is tried. And if we don’t try we have failed by default. Let all your ideas be worthy of at least trying them out. All ideas are good ideas.

What are you listening to, reading, and watching these days?

Easy on me by Adele is on an infinite loop on my playlist. I have been desperately trying to finish reading speak your language. And I binged watched Squid games and I am now watching castlevania.



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