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A Conversation with the Markhor Gentleman


M, the Markhor Gentleman, enters the studio where the interview for the New York Times is to take place. 

Fixing the sleeves of his tailored dark navy suit, he scans the room and suddenly catches a man doing a double take and whispering eagerly to the woman next to him. Stifling a smile, M looks down and pretends to fix the leather strap of his vintage watch to save the man from any embarrassment. Sensing the man approach him with quick steps, M looks up and nods politely.

“M, I must say, it is an honour to meet you in person. I have heard lots of people mentioning you on various occasions but to finally meet you like this… What a pleasure! My name is Steve and I’m one of the columnists for the New York Times. I will be taking your interview today,” the man says excitedly, shaking M’s hand firmly. 

“The honour and pleasure is all mine, Steve. I have been reading and following your column on the New York Times for many years and the work you put out there is incredible!” M smiles and replies. 

Steve grins in thanks and ushers M towards the set created in the back of the room. It’s quite busy in the studio, with people wearing headsets rushing from here to there, getting everything ready for the much-awaited interview. Steve glances at M, scanning him from head to toe and smiles widely. 

“You must tell me about your look today. I am a man who admires well-made clothing and footwear myself and your shoes blew me away the moment you stepped into the studio. Did you get them custom made from Italy or somewhere?” M chuckles, looking down at his tan Cynosure Wingtips. 

“No, as a matter of fact," he replies, causing Steve's eye to widen.


"These have been handcrafted by an incredible team in Lahore, the same team that started from a small town in Okara and has now taken the global fashion market by surprise.”  


“Ah! Markhor, you mean! Of course, they’re from Markhor. Now that you mention it, I remember seeing these on their store not that long ago.” Steve exclaims. M smiles and nods, walking around a few steps to let Steve see them properly. Steve applauds in astonishment, shaking his head and laughing. 

Both men are told to take their seats for the interview, while the team makes the final setting and adjustments in the cameras, mics and lighting. Steve moves his chair closer to M’s, enthusiastically clasping his hands.  

“So M, now that weare on the topic and since we have a few minutes till the interview starts, tell me, how would you describe the perfect pair of shoes for a gentleman in today’s time?” Steve asks. M smiles and crosses one leg over the other, his Cynosures coming into view. Catching Steve staring at them again in awe, his smile widens.

“I think you already know the answer to that question.” 

“How is it that a shoe can be made with such precision that every bit of it is so detailed and well constructed?” Steve asks in amazement, his gaze still admiring the oxfords. He seems to have forgotten about the interview, making M grin. 


“It’s all or nothing for us. We either make the shoe perfectly or we don’t make it at all. That's what Markhor stands for.” 


“Incredible!” Steve exclaims, shaking his head in awe and disbelief, “But don’t you ever get intimidated by revealing every single detail of the shoe? What if there is a fault left?” 

“That’s just it. We don’t leave any room for faults when the shoe is made. That’s how much attention our craftsmen give to each Markhor pair.” M answers firmly. Steve stays silent for a few seconds, his gaze fixed on the Wingtips, eyes shining in admiration. 

“Look at the hard work these folks are putting into their brand,” Steve murmured to himself. 

“More than hard work, I’d say that they’re consistent at what they’re doing. Consistent in quality of the product they’re making, consistent in the customer service they’re providing to their global community, and most importantly, consistent in the efforts they’re putting to make Markhor better by the day,” M added, causing Steve to nod in agreement.  

A staff member approaches them, informing the two men that everything is set and that they will be going live in 10 seconds. 

“As much as I’d love to continue this conversation with you, M, I believe we have gathered here today for another purpose. Let’s talk more about Markhor some other day, at another time.” Steve whispers, before straightening up and smiling widely at the camera before them. M smiles as well, giving his Wingtips one last glance before setting his gaze to the camera as well. 

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Suhana Atia

October 03, 2020

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